The great podcast boom is upon us! This new medium is saturated with shows from all over the world that cover nearly every subject. The number of choices can be overwhelming, right? Never fear—we have you covered with eight podcasts that can help take your everyday happiness levels to new heights.

If You Need a Dose of Introspection, Listen to Invisibilia

Invisibilia explores human behavior through the unseen elements that influence ideas, emotions, and assumptions. The hosts take a narrative approach, crafting stories that go in-depth into these forces with real life examples, like the man who attempts to eliminate his fear of rejection with a unique strategy. Other topics they’ve covered include expectations, personality, and inner thoughts.

If You Need to Eat More Mindfully, Listen to The Sporkful

The tagline is, “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” Host Dan Pashman is a super savor-er who deconstructs the consumption of food. One of the highlights of the podcast is how he describes whatever he’s eating, whether it’s how his teeth feel when he bites into an authentic Chicago dog or dissecting each and every component of a sandwich. Listening will probably make you hungry, and it will definitely make you eat differently.

If You Need Help Finding Your Passion, Listen to Working

Do you have a career path in mind or are you trying to find your calling? Either way, you may benefit from listening to Slate’s Working. Each week, a different person is interviewed about their job, from a local barber to a United Nations official. Guests chat with the host about everything from the day to day, to what motivates them to get out of bed in the morning. Their enthusiasm may inspire you to adopt a positive attitude within your current situation or propel you towards a promising future!

If You Feel Irked by Your Loved Ones, Listen to Judge John Hodgman

Actor and comedian John Hodgman, formerly of The Daily Show, dons his most authoritative lace-trimmed Judge Judy robe to solve the day-to-day squabbles between friends and family members. He takes every case very seriously, and there is even a verdict at the end that the plaintiff and defendant have to adhere to. He humorously rules on cases such as one friend confronting another about his flakiness, as well as family disputes like whether a stubborn father should get a hearing aid.

If You Want to Strengthen Your Empathy Skills, Listen to The Moth

The Moth is a podcast version of the world-renowned storytelling show. Each week highlights a few stories from their live performances. The tales range from hilarious to heartbreaking, charting a beautiful map of the human experience. For a real adventure in emotion, check out the “Fathers and Children” episode from June 14, where Karen Jones reckons with her father’s un-treated PTSD by revisiting an important event from her childhood.

If You’re Searching for Meaning, Listen to 10% Happier with Dan Harris

Dan Harris is known around here for his mindfulness tips and tricks. In his podcast, the anchorman and meditation enthusiast continues his search for peace of mind and happiness as he interviews “smart people” on their search for greater enlightenment. Guests range from the Dalai Lama to meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg to RuPaul.

If You Need a Smile, Listen to Stuff You Should Know

Twice a week, hosts Josh and Chuck tackle a new subject, telling you everything that you could possibly want to know about it. Ever been curious about jellyfish? Bonsai? Lion-taming? You name a subject, and they’ve likely covered it already—and if not, stay tuned, because they most likely will! Josh and Chuck also have incredible chemistry and will keep you laughing anywhere you choose to listen to them.

If You Want to Feel Just Plain Happier, Listen to Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling The Happiness Project is a well-known happiness guru, and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, is a TV writer/producer who is also a noted skeptic. In her podcast, Gretchen encourages Elizabeth to put her suggestions into practice, while giving listeners tips about everything from scheduling time to worry to impulsiveness. If you want to put some of Gretchen’s advice into practice right now, check out her 4-week track on Happify.

By May Steinberg. May Steinberg is the beloved community manager at Happify. When she’s not helping you out with your customer support queries she and two of her former grad school classmates host their own “explainer” podcast called International Realness where they discuss international events, issues, and general nonsense that goes on around the globe.

This article originally appeared on Happify Daily



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