Okay, so everybody hates monotony, repetitive tasks, systems. We all like fun and novelty!

But if you want to stay happy and not go crazy every time you’re going to release a podcast episode, you need a sexy system in place. You need a process you can tick off. You need templates for everything. You need a handle on all your accounts.

How do you create a super sexy system that will make your podcast work like a well-oiled machine?

First, create an inventory of what the process will look like from start to finish.

Second, look at all the things that you need to do for each episode – emails, audio, show notes, images, social media posts, metadata info – make a template for these.

Third, keep all your accounts and passwords in a single location.

It takes time to do all this, but it will save you so much more time in the long run. And once these are in place, it will be so easy to hand off any task when the time comes that you are ready for it.

Still don’t see the light? This is how it might look for an interview show:

What does the process look like from start to finish?

  1. Research on the topic and look for potential guests, online communities, etc.
  2. Email potential guest
  3. Book the interview schedule
  4. Record interview
  5. Edit the audio
  6. Write show notes, social media posts, email newsletter
  7. Create episode art and social media images
  8. Upload to host and schedule publishing
  9. Create blog post on website and schedule publishing
  10. Create email newsletter and schedule publishing
  11. Schedule social media posts
  12. Email guest that the episode is live along with the links and sharing images
  13. Do a live video on the day of or on the week of publishing

What assets do I need for each episode?

  1. Email templates to send to potential guests
  2. Show outline, questions, scripts
  3. Template in your editing software – intro, outro, settings, ads, music
  4. Metadata info – title, host, podcast, genre, keywords, etc
  5. Show notes template
  6. Social media templates
  7. Email newsletter templates
  8. Episode art template

What are the tools I need to publish each episode?

  1. Host
  2. Website
  3. Email newsletter
  4. Social media scheduler
  5. Social media accounts
  6. Scheduler

“Systems are not sexy – but they really DO drive everything we do!” ~Carrie Wilkerson, Barefoot Executive

This can be a mini-series on its own! But for now, dissect your entire podcasting process, see where you can simplify, and create a super sexy system that will work for your next 2,000 episodes!

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