Think of a single person who embodies your perfect podcast listener – your podcast’s avatar.

Your perfect podcast listener is the person who you are creating all your episodes for. This person can’t wait for you to hit publish because what you have to say, the guests you bring to your show, the sponsors you have, ultimately fills a void she is currently experiencing.

It is critically important to identify WHO you are creating your podcast for so you can create episodes that will connect with your one perfect listener’s pain points, goals, successes, ambitions. You can deliver hyper targeted episodes because you can anticipate her needs, patterns, and wants.

Having your podcast’s avatar will make you see your audience as real people, not faceless downloads or subscribers.

Would she benefit from this week’s guest?

Is he going to laugh at your jokes?

Where will she best find this week’s episode? Instagram? Facebook? Linkedin?

Will he share this episode with his friends?

So how do you create your podcast’s avatar? Ask detailed questions, get super specific, explore every corner.

I’ve created this FREE Podcast Avatar template (no opt-in required) that you can use to narrow down your one perfect listener. This template provides you with the question you need to ask, and a template that makes it easy to compile all of the information, knowledge, experience, and research in one beautiful format. You can download it HERE.

You got the template? Now, don’t just guess for the answers, ASK! Make it fun!

  1. Look at your current listeners – get to know them! Ask them the questions in the FREE Podcast Avatar template
  2. Create surveys or conduct online interviews
  3. Check your analytics for demographic information
  4. Create a Pinterest board and a podcast playlist for your perfect listener

The ultimate goal for creating a podcast avatar is so you can create a show that engage on a much deeper level, and so you can make better decisions with him/her in mind.

Click the image below to download the template.

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