Do you want to live a more simple and organized life? Listen to these five simple living podcast episodes to inspire and give you practical tips to living a simpler life.


ORGANIZING by The Minimalists

Joshua & Ryan talk about organizing material possessions in their 53rd episode. They talk about Marie Kondo’s organizing method, organizational tools, using software to organize, and everyday carry, and a ton of recommendations on getting organized.

Living Simply by Your Values by Cohesive Home

If you are looking to implement minimalism in a family home, this episode is for you. Melissa and Kate talks about figuring out your own values and how to purposefully apply them to your home and life.

Decluttering With Kids by Edit Your Life Show

Kids can have emotional baggage related to decluttering as much as adults do. In Episode 65 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 9 tips for decluttering with kids and handling the emotional aspect that goes with it.

Shopping Bans by Budgets and Cents

Cait and Carrie talk about how it is being in the middle of two-year shopping ban and how it has changed Cait’s life. Cait’s shares the exact definition of what a shopping ban is, the rules for what she can/can’t buy, why she’s doing it and what’s changed since she started it.

Budgets and Cents Podcast - Shopping Bans

How To Organize A Swap Party To Get Rid Of Your Stuff by Life Made Simple Podcast

This episode will inspire and motivate you to let go of all the clutter in your life that weighs you down. CarlaRae will show you that is can be FUN going through all your stuff and sorting out things that you don’t love, use, or need.



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