Podcast Editing and Production

Podcast Editing and Production

No stress! No Hassle! More time in your hands!

We Put the Pleasure Back in Podcasting by Saving You TIME for more Creating

Editing Audio, Show Notes, and Social Media Eats up a lot of time in Podcasting! We’ll take care of that so you can concentrate on creating amazing content! Having professional sounding audio is extremely important so you can position your brand as an industry leader/expert to your listeners. Learning to do it yourself is possible, but your time is important! Unless you want to become a pro at podcast audio editing, you have your business to run, clients to serve, and content to create. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on yours!

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This is PERFECT. Ahhhh! I’m so thrilled! You guys are amazing!!!

I was so pleased with the editing – you all were much more thorough than I normally am!

-Megan Tietz of the Sorta Awesome Show

Bear Beat is just the best. I’ve thrown a ton of stuff at them, from short-form pieces that required a couple snips to longer-form stuff that’s needed a ton of cleanup, and they always turns it around quickly. The team is courteous, smart, professional, and darn good at what they do. And they’re committed to making sure you’re happy and satisfied and won’t quit until you are. Highly recommended!

-Stephan Cox of the the Think Outside the Beltway and Washington State Indivisible Podcasts

Other Services

Show Notes

Keyword rich introduction Bullet point content summary Links to resources mentioned, affiliates, or sponsors


$40/episode if bundled with Audio Editing


Accurate transcription at an affordable price Available as PDF or MS Word file Up to two speakers with light or no foreign accent

$1.50/audio minute

$1.25/audio minute if bundled with Audio Editing

Intro & Outro

Could be simple voiceover with music and audio effects We match up a style that is perfect for your podcast Easily integrated to your podcast episodes


$150 if bundled with Audio Editing

Social Media Images

5 quotable images based on the episode Shareable and beautiful Make your brand standout

$35/episode (5 images)

$25/episode if bundled with Audio Editing

Episode Art

Eye-catching episode specific art Invite your audience to listen Fresh look based on your branding


$29 if bundled with Audio Editing

Podcast Art

Eye-catching podcast cover art Draw the attention of listeners Get a professional look


$150 if bundled with Audio Editing

If your podcast audio is longer than 60 minutes, more than 4 episodes a month, or if you need any of our other services (transcription, show notes, art, intro/outro), just click here and we’ll get you a custom quote.


Choose a Package (or get a quote if you have additional needs)

Complete the Payment & fill-out the intake form

We’ll set up a Dropbox folder for you to upload your raw-audio files.

We’ll upload the edited file to Dropbox or your host

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