Grow Your Podcast by listening/reading these golden advice from fellow podcasters on how they grew their own podcasts and how you can too.

Confirm Your Uniqueness and Top 7 Strategies: How to grow your podcast audience by EOFire

What’s your UVD: Unique Value Distinguisher? (thanks for that JLD!)

If you don’t have one, then take a time out and find one.

When you have something that distinguishes you from the thousands of other podcasts that are live in iTunes, then your listeners will have a reason to Subscribe, Rate & Review your podcast, and continue coming back to listen in every time you publish an episode.

Have Good Production Quality and How to Grow Your Audience from Hundreds to Thousands based on a panel of the same name given at New Media Expo ’14 with Daniel J. Lewis, David Jackson and Ray Ortega

Improving overall quality separates you from like shows, makes you more likely to get featured, more likely to be shared.

Invest Where Your Ideal Audience Is and 5 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Podcast’s Audience by The Audacity to Podcast

Investing requires an exchange of value. Give value before you try to get an audience. Start or join conversations. Participate as a peer. When appropriate and relevant, you may have the opportunity to link back to your podcast. If you do so after you have invested, then the returns will be much greater!

Add YouTube Audio On Your Site and 8 Unique Marketing Strategies To Grow A Podcast To the Top of iTunes by

I originally had my right hand man create blog posts with audio, shownotes and searchable transcripts that were all optimizing for the keyword syntax “guest first + guest last name + interview” to see if I could score some long-tail SEO wins.

I didn’t get much traction here partially because my site authority isn’t as high as many other people out there doing interviews…. but also because Google values video 53x as much as text!

It’s Not About Anything and 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Listen to Your Podcast by Pete DAlessandro

The days of Seinfeld are over. If your podcast is about nothing, that’s how much attention you’re going to get. Instead choose, a theme and title it appropriately. When I start hearing an episode of your podcast, I’ll be in the car, honking at someone and eating a snack during my harrowing commute home. I will be more likely to get sucked in if your podcast — or even episode — is about something. Something specific. Great examples of this are Freakonomics or Stuff You Should Know. The title and the opening of the show get my mind set for what I’m about to get into and that helps keep me engaged on your content and not the guy who just cut me off.



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